I’m really curious to know whether this is just something the subs said or what Sonic means by “various families”

his friends

Why would he say friends twice though?

Just clarifying that he said 色んな家族 / ironna kazoku, which really means “various families” :)

I’m intrigued as well hmmmmmmm

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Hahaha I won’t make promises that I will make another Yume Nikki fanmade PV, but I do have a plan to make another fanmade PV for other series.

If you watch it too much you’ll get bored of it eventually, anon :’)

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Write me a TBH (To be Honest), stating an honest fact or thought you feel about me. Or just something honest you wanna say to me. Start the sentence off with “Tbh”.

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So… much… Amy.
I want to try to draw other characters that I’ve never drawn before like Eggman and Silver, but I enjoy drawing the pink wholehearted princess waaay to much I can’t stop c’:

It’s almost 1 am here, goodnight tumblr o/

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"Close your heart and put no one else there... okay?"

A rather lazy attempt for 3D painting. So many wips, so little time (´ー`)
"Close your heart and put no one else there... okay?"

A rather lazy attempt for 3D painting. So many wips, so little time (´ー`)

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S: It can’t be helped… just for today, okay? (´ ー ` ;)A: Yes! (◕‿◕✿)♡

Maybe one day Sonic would let her catch him… maybe.

S: It can’t be helped… just for today, okay? (´ ー ` ;)
A: Yes! (‿◕✿)

Maybe one day Sonic would let her catch him… maybe.

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Title: How Far Can Kindness Go?
Pairing: Seto/Marry
Prompt: Kurohaai

Seto regrets asking Marry for help.

It was already past 10 pm, the summer sky chilled with night’s winter-like breezes and on top of that, it was pouring outside. The storm showed no sign of stopping, but did promise oncoming thunder and lightning. A bitter, horrid taste swelled within his mouth at that thought, knowing Marry was especially vulnerable at times like this. He can already picture her lofty white curls sticking to her face due to rain water, a frightened and lonely look in her vermillion eyes as they spilled over with suppressed tears… 

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Regarding nicknames from the Japanese Sonicdom, I've also seen people refer to Shadow and Blaze as 究極さん and ブレにゃん respectively... jus' saying.

Ahh yes, the Ultimate (Lifeform) for Shadow and Burenyan for Blaze :’D
Thank you for the input!

They sometimes addressed Blaze and Rouge as 姉さん too heh heh.

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Video tags/nicknames from Japanese Sonic fans

Since I don’t have the consoles for the newer games, I usually check on YouTube for a playthrough. Most of the time though, I checked Nico Nico Douga (a Japanese equivalent site for YouTube) because I want to hear the Japanese dub and Junichi Kanemaru’s voice heheheh.

Nico Nico Douga is known for its unique… viewer’s comment system. While I watched the videos, I noticed that the Japanese fans has their own nicknames toward the Sonic characters. Most of them are funny, while the other are adorable and the rest is weird. Nonetheless, they are quite interesting.

Also, the viewer could add additional tag to the videos. If the video tag is not locked by the uploader, chaos will definitely ensues lol. The tags is not that much different with the nicknames. Here is some nicknames and video tags I stumbled upon so far:

  • 世界一かっこよかったハリネズミ / Sekai ichi kakkoyokatta harinezumi (The world’s coolest/most attractive hedgehog) : Refers to Sonic, obviously :)
  • 音速紳士 / Onsoku shinshi (Speed-of-sound gentleman) : Again, refers to Sonic. And it’s kind of heartwarming how they acknowledged Sonic’s gentlemanly qualities.
  • 世界一かっこよかった自宅警備員 / Sekai ichi kakkoyokatta jitaku keibiin (The world’s coolest/most attractive home guardian/security) : Refers to Knuckles lol. Sometimes he even called NEET from not being in touch with the outside world.
  • セコム / Secom : Refers to Knuckles. Secom is a famous Japanese security service company. Now put one and one together.
  • ナッコ / Nakko : Refers to Knuckles. Short from ナックルズ/Nakkuruzu, Japanese pronunciation of Knuckles; used solely by Sonic on Sonic X episodes especially when Knuckles was being naive or being fooled by Eggman/other people—equivalent to Knuckie.
  • ニラ饅頭 / Niramanjuu (Leek Bun) : Refers to Knuckles. It became popular because of a certain episode of Sonic X where Knuckles shouted it on top of his lungs. Knuckles really has the funniest nicknames lol.
  • 棒読み / Bouyomi (The Monotone) : Refers to Tails’ Japanese VA, exclusively on Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 (which the fans has come to an agreement that he sounded quite monotone…  still cute for me, though).
  • 髭卵 / Hige-Tamago (Mustachegg) : Refers to Eggman. Sometimes he called as 卵 (Tamago/Egg) only.
  • 片道切符(さん) / Katamichi kippu(-san) ((Mr.)One-way ticket) : Refers to Mephiles, taken from his dialogue on Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, and has become a quite popular gag among the fans with various MADs.
  • 汁婆 / Shirubaa (Soup old-woman) : Refers to Sliver, a play on his name’s Japanese pronunciation, シルバー / Shirubaa.
  • もふもふ / Mofu-mofu (Fluffy) : Refers to Werehog because… just look at his furs! :3
  • マッスルズ / Muscles : Refers to Boom!Knuckles because… yeah ¬_¬
  • 人類には速すぎる動画 / Jinrui ni wa hayasugiru douga (Video that’s too fast for the mankind) : Sometimes used to tag Sonic Unleashed playthrough video, because the day stages could be really fast. I personally find this one charming because Sonic’s speed is indeed too fast for the mankind :)
  • 神曲 / Kami kyoku (Godly song) : Not a Sonic-only exclusive tag, but used quite frequently when some BGM played in the video. Should I really explain this one?
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