The update is really slow… it’s hard to find a good time to continue between loads of work.
I’m still pretty determined to finish this little SonAmy comic strip though! >:D

The update is really slow… it’s hard to find a good time to continue between loads of work.

I’m still pretty determined to finish this little SonAmy comic strip though! >:D

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( ゚Д゚)!!

Junichi Kanemaru, the Japanese VA of Sonic The Hedgehog is also the Japanese VA of Mafuyu Hinsasaki (Fatal Frame/Zero)?

What in the world w I didn’t recognize it at all wwwwwwww

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What is the most adorable, heartwarming thing you have ever seen/heard in the StH series?


It’s a toss-up between SatSR’s ending, SatBK’s ending and the Natsu No Hi scene in Sonic X episode 52. I don’t think I can settle on just one X3


Sonic’s consoling of Merlina in it’s ending.

Even though this young woman betrayed him and used him as a pawn to do her dirty work and then went on to beat him within an inch of his life without mercy when he exhibited opposition to her aims, the very first thing he did after bringing her back to her senses via the beatdown he inflicted on her was to approach her and speak to her gently and kindly, dispensing to her a bit of wisdom so extraordinarily in-line with not only his own personal viewpoints but also his forgiving nature as well.

"Merlina…every world has it’s end. I know that’s kinda sad but…that’s why we gotta live life to the fullest in the time we have. At least, that’s what I figure"

That is a line that I could not envision coming out of the mouth of any character other than Sonic.

The way he gives her a fresh new healthy flower as consolation to contrast with the flower she picked earlier on in the story that withered was such a meaningful and symbolic touch. It was a crowning moment of heartwarming to top off that extraordinary and perfect portrayal of Sonic throughout the rest of the story, a speech to motivate Merlina to live out the rest of her life to the fullest in the time her world has.


SatSR’s ending was teeming with heartwarming. Here you have Sonic making it his first priority to resurrect Shahra before restoring the Arabian Nights and/or dealing with Erazor. And then he goes on to reassure her by basically saying that no matter how much time it takes, no matter how much it hurts, she can grieve as much as she wants to without shame. And to subtly yet powerfully get his point across, he harks back to his very first wish by wishing for a load of handkerchiefs.

He bore no ill will, no bad feeling towards her for her betrayal. Without saying anything specifically about it he acknowledges through that one wish that he knew that she was head over heels for Erazor and distraught at what she was led to do to Sonic, truly ashamed and repentant for what she did to him.

When you say that wish was stupid or that Sonic should’ve whored-out her power for his own benefit and wished for say, a mountain of Chili Dogs or something you prove that you have completely and utterly missed the point of that wish, the reason for why Sonic acted the way he did and you’re practically stating that Sonic should be an out of character selfish jerkass.

Sonic X?

Natsu No Hi scene.

ALL OF IT. This scene…it’s magical.

Firstly, there’s the lyrics. Which are clearly sung from Sonic’s POV and reveal quite a bit of how he regards his feelings towards Amy.

Secondly, it’s notable that one of his first priorities upon returning home was meeting her as if to reassure her that he’s safe, that he’s returned.

Third was Amy’s revelation about her level of commitment, stating that she would wait for him even if it was for a very long time. I think that speaks for just how deep her love for him is. The fact that she’s distraught over the fact that she bellyached about it for an entire week and that his sudden reappearance made all of that meaningless in one instant is both sympathetic and sad. The fact that she also goes on to condemn herself for being ‘childish’ for thinking about doing it shows how very conflicted she was.

Fourth was Sonic’s light purple rose, him giving it to her. In the language of flowers, these roses symbolize enchantment, love at first sight. Given that X Sonic loves flowers, it’s very possible that he knows this. His response to her in the original non-mutilated version was purposefully silent. Going by this, his lip flaps and Amy’s reaction, it’s very likely that he stated outright that he loved her.

*Melts into a puddle*


*melts into the same puddle of feel and cuteness*

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Hello, Ai! Just passing by to wish you luck on your day. ^0^/ Anyways, between magical girls and idols, which do you choose? Just curious.

Hello! Thank you very much, I hope you have a nice day as well!

I don’t really care about idols, so magical girls all the way. (◡‿◡✿)

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Ai-san, do you read/watch Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun? if you do, what do you think about it?

Yes, I do. And I love it.

I recommend it for those who are bored/fed up with shoujo manga or those who are in need of a good laugh. This anime/manga parodied every cliche you’ll see in a shoujo manga in every wrong way possible.

Watch it. Watch Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.

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Hello again, I has wondering if u have a Sonic FC, if you don't mind me asking of course. But if you don't, then that's ok =3

Of course I don’t mind :)

Actually, I don’t have any. But when I read this message, I really want to make one! Let’s see… I will choose a native Indonesian animal for a starter. I think Komodo dragon is good enough?


*about an hour later*


She lives somewhere on an island in Adabat and has broad knowledge about poisonous plants… I guess.

*You Tried music played on the background*

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Ai-san, I'm sorry for asking too much for an anon, but I prefer your site to be filled with quick doodles than wall of texts

It’s okay, I also feel bad for the wall of texts.
Sheesh, what kind of artblog is this…

The problem is lately I’m too busy with my work to even doodle, and reblogging/replying/answering ask is easier/faster. I plan to do the color palette requests after I finished some portion of my works and then post it here as usual, so please bear with it for a while!

And thank you for visiting my blog, anon :’)

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"Mononoke Mystery" & "Schoolgirl Detective Series" Novels!



Teniwoha’s “Mononoke Mystery" is being novelized!!! It releases September 25th!
Illustrations will be done by Rou.
It was also mentioned that it’ll be comicalized/made into a manga, too, but I’m not sure yet if the mangaka will be Rou or another artist.




The third book in Teniwoha’s “Schoolgirl Detective Series” will be coming out August 1st! It seems that this time, it’ll be released online via Blomaga (NND’s blog feature) instead of being sold as a book.
The title of the third installment is "The Mystery Writer Dashes at Night (推理作家は夜走る / Suiri Sakka wa Yoru Hashiru)".
Illustrations this time will be done by Sasahara Chie.


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Ah, whoops, misread then. And yeah, he’s even been answering a few questions there. Seems kinda set in stone it’s gonna be live action but he’s at least had experience playing the games and such. That’s why he says they chose him even.
It’s okay :)
Well… then I hope the influence of the human character is minimal because if I watch a Sonic movie, I want to watch Sonic in action. Not some human drama stealing the Sonic characters’ spotlight. Even better if the live-action part is just serving as the setting/background (since Sonic World has humanoids too, right?), but that’s just a wishful thinking.
I still don’t get why they’re willing to go down with the live-action path. Human character’s interference in Sonic stories such as Sonic ‘06 and Sonic X already got negative feedback. And of course they have to at least had played the games, they are making a movie based on a video game after all.
…my anticipation is minimal for this movie.
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I was honestly just sorta thinking about you joining SSMB after reading your fanfic ask. Kinda felt you had a better grasp of Sonic than certain actual writers out there, and the guy writing for the live action movie actually just joined the other week. (I don't actually have an account, I mostly just lurk.)

Do you mean the fanfic recommendation ask I reblogged quite a while ago? In that case, it’s not me who had a better grasp of Sonic; it’s the person I reblogged it from :)

I do learn more and more about him, and the more I realize that Sonic is not the typical hero character. His personality is very tricky to pin down. Even for my not-yet-finished mini-fancomic, I tend to spend a lot of time thinking of how I should make him react (and ended up procrastinating).

Really? The guy joined the forum? :o
Well I’m sure the members would gladly provide him the information he/she needed for the upcoming live-action movie, especially about the characters’ personalities.

I still hope for a full CGI movie instead of live-action one though :c

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